Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Have the Bulls come back to pasture?

There have been considerable amount of articles, views and opinions by the experts, economists and others about the onset of the bull market. Let us examine the economic variables and try to reach a conclusion. Mr. Obama and his team of firefighters are working 24/7 to douse the fire that caused the financial meltdown. Other economies of the world seem to have come to terms with the large scale damage and seem to have dusted themselves and got up to traverse their journey to prosperity. The worst seems to be OVER!
In financial market terms: Whenever there is a consensus about a particular trend then the trend reverses and proves them wrong.
Here we are not talking about a trend but about pessimism. Whenever there is pessimism there seems to be a concerted effort to tighten belts, cut costs and generally be frugal. This frugalty will in turn bring down costs but will also bring in a possibility of entering the downward spiral of the economy.
Here we have a different phenomenon happening. India is on a growth path and is on its own trip. This is a country of more than a billion people with high aspirations and a penchant for savings too. As written earlier we have just redefined the hindu rate of growth at a little over 6% from the 3% growth of the past. This growth and the large base created in the last decade will hold it in good stead and will be able to digest the impending political instability.
As far as India is concerned, the bull market will take some more time to really start, the Indian political climate has to stabilise after the formation of the new government. Untill then the market will be range bound between 3000 and 2500 on the NIFTY.
So the conclusion is that, the bull market is round the corner. Let the tide turn in favour of a stable and viable government to confirm the Bull run.