Wednesday, 24 November 2010


Obama visit has triggered off the fall in the markets as expected. If India is to create jobs for Americans we can now coin a word called "newarked".

Newarked: means you just lost your job to a Newyorker/ American. you can also say that your job was newarked, meaning it was given off to an American.

Antonym of Newarked: Bangalored.

Anyway, now that Obama has come and gone, let's get back to business and see where we are headed. The market tried to touch the all time high during diwali and then has been flaundering post diwali. i think the market will correct by another 20% before it begins its northward journey.

Some of the stocks that can be bought now are RCOM, Bhartiairtel and IDEA. Stocks to exit are all Banks and auto stocks. This is exactly opposite of what experts are talking about on TV.