Saturday, 18 October 2008

The oracle speaks once in a while

The Oracle speaks once in a while he does not have the identity crisis that I have to blog often, nor does he have to call for attention like me. The Oracle from Omaha said yesterday that one should be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful in the financial markets. he also said "BUY AMERICAN I AM". what does this show? Dr. Mark Mobius said in the middle of September when the fed started the bail out drive that this is the end of the bearish phase as people have realised that there is a problem and the "doctors" are working on it.
What happens when you go to the doctor when you are ill? he treats you to make you feel better first and then treats you to actually make you better. Our doctors have tried hard to make us feel better but we have not been feeling better at all . they have also started the dose of medicine and have started treating the symptoms. We only hope that they start some homeopathic treatment which will go to the root of the problem and remove the ailment.
Indian markets seem to have gone back three years and there is a consensus building up about further losses. FII's have been pulling out of the markets in a big way. Retail investors are coming in with hordes of cheques for buying, but selective buying has emerged outside the ambit of the Indices. A look at the PE ratios tells us that the prices are compelling and the most industry PEs are around 10. that's the time to buy. Of course you can expect volatility of 15% but can anybody really catch the bottom therefore...
BUY BUY for Now.


thegameabh said...

Sir, dont you think the markets may further go down another 10% as th Quarterly earnings arent good and US markets are still tumbling???

Abhishek Latthe


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