Friday, 10 June 2011

How to support the fight against Corruption

Let us all pledge to do our bit to free India from the clutches of Corruption and Black Money by taking these simple but very DIFFICULT STEPS

1. Ask for a bill on every purchase and pay the Sales Tax.
2. Give Receipts on every sale and pay the VAT/Sales Tax
3. Declare the correct amount on every sale or purchase of Land and Flat and Pay the registration tax that is applicable.
4. Never demand or pay a cash amount while buying or selling property.
5. Stop bribing the traffic police for traffic violations and pay up the legitimate fines.
6. Register for only one ration card, gas connection and electrical connection.
7. Pay electrical bills on time even for connections of farms.
8. Declare genuine farm income only and not club other incomes as Agricultural income to avoid taxation.
9. Do not pay or receive donations without receipts.
10. Stop acting as though the law is meant for the minions and not for us.
11. Stop running households on expense accounts of businesses. Declare real income from businesses.
12. Stop Bribing people asking for enhanced credit limits/ Loans etc in Banks and financial Institutions
13. Stop asking for kickbacks on commissions on LIC policies, General Insurance Policies, etc.
14. Stop buying Degrees and Diplomas online and apply for jobs with them.
15. Stop asking teachers to give more marks by bribing and coercing them.
16. Start giving receipts for services (especially Doctors): Consultation, Operations, procedures, etc. Other Consultants like Accountants, Tax Consultants, etc.

All these and much more....

Only if we start cleaning up our house and souls then we will be able to clean up the country. Our country is seeped in corruption not because of the politicians and bureaucrats but because, we tolerate corruption, we always believe the laws are for others and not for us. we always want to wipe out corruption but want to get farther by bribing somebody on the way.


Hoping for a corruption free India!

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