Wednesday, 28 October 2009

"If it isn't broken dont fix it" says RBI

That seems to be the mantra from our venerable Governor of the RBI. this credit policy is just a tweak with respect to raising the SLR to 25%. All the other rates have been maintained at the same level. RBI's review has pared down the GDP growth outlook of 6%.
The stimulation of the economy on the back of the financial crisis in the form of eased liquidity remains nearly constant. The powers that be, have been crying hoarse that it is still not time to repeal the stimulus given during the crisis. One fails to understand, why should the government not stimulate the economy constructively on a continuous basis? Why should the government only think of monetary measures when fundamental shift in stimulating the economies are needed?
The best form of stimulus would be to encourage individual savings and collective investments.
Now, what does one make of this credit policy? The policy may have said many things in words but as far as deeds are concerned, it is very clear. The Governor does not think anything is wrong and he does not want to rock the boat when everything is to the Government's satisfaction.
What do we expect in the market? The markets are more concerned with the slow growth expectations. We have already witnessed sluggish growth in corporate sales, this may start affecting the margins and profits in the next quarter. That is the fear in the minds of the players in the market now. The markets have also gone up on one way street for most part of the last year and the time for profit booking is ripe now.