Friday, 2 January 2009

New Year New Problems

New year brings along a new list of problems. India has not been able to convince the world that terror perpetrators were from across the border. Even if they were from across the border the world does not believe that India can undertake "surgical strikes". The outfit which claims responsibility for the Mumbai Massacre wants to rename itself and carry on its business as usual. Israel has been better off at bombing and pounding the Gaza strip and trying to decimate the Hamas. No world leader minds it anyway. Can anybody tell us why this ambivalence with India? Indian Politicians cannot take a stand and firmly talk about terrorism and they want to always colour them with a religious tinge. Criminals are criminals and that is their religion, please don't give them a religious name.
Pakistani politicians are one-up on the game of diverting attention and changing the subject if debate. The central subject of terror export was sidelined with the issues of citizenship of the terrorist (I don't know why he is still called a suspect when he was watched live by crores of people committing his crime). Another diversion came from the Indian polity who demanded that a group of 20 people should be handed over to India including people involved in 1993 blasts. This is the undoing of India, our country cannot solve and book a case against bombers for 15 years. The media has access to the alleged Don, bollywood has access and even the police department is believed to have access but our government cannot bring back the alleged Don to India as they have no clue about where he is! Why don't they ask bollywood, or our electronic media?
An interesting case of sentencing a serial killer is a classic example of how our legal system works in India
This man was sentenced to life imprisonment and imposed a fine of Rs.2000. isn't that a petty sum for the seven lives involved? isn't that a petty sum for the three murders he was proved?
Think about it
Happy New year

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