Saturday, 29 November 2008

Terror Strikes Mumbai

India was a witness to the worst terror strikes. the audacity of the terrorists to attack civilian soft spots and battle for long hours was shocking. All this while terrorists were supposed to strike from behind and run away or die in the process. But, this was exceptional that the terrorists attacked and tried the patience of the forces for a good 60 hours. What lessons do we learn from this? That India can no longer be casual about the threats of terrorists. India is viewed as a soft state as far as terrorists are concerned, as any terrorist is branded a religious one and the Government dithers on taking action against these elements, afraid of the wrath of the religious bodies. Terrorists have no religion, no Nationality and no Humanity, they need not be shown any pity while dealing with them. just branding them as people belonging to some nationality, region, religion or group will not suffice, this will lead to a lackadaisical attitude towards them and give them more strength to strike again. Our country need laws which are stringent enough to deter criminal activities, and a legal system which acts fast to book criminals and dispense with the justice.
After a crime is committed and the suspect is arrested, many time it so happens that it takes six months to an year until the charges are framed, then comes the trial where lawyers take advantage of the loopholes of the detective system or the investigations and are able to save the criminals from sentence. There are umpteen instances where criminals have gone Scot-free because of the delayed (and therefore shoddy) investigations. Justice delayed is justice denied and therefore we have to take steps to speed up the process of justice.
Stock Markets: Markets rallied in spite of the terror strikes in Mumbai. There is a lot bad news happening around the world about more an more banks wanting bail out packages. Worlds largest automakers also want bail outs, The American dream wants a bail out package and industry leaders are asking for virtual nationalization of their industries in US. These are bad times, if you have bought when the markets bottomed in October then SELL NOW only to buy when the markets retrace the bottoms again.

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