Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Some prescriptions

A reduction in CRR and lifting of ODIs on participatory notes in by SEBI show the bankruptcy of ideas in the present government and its policy making bodies.

Dear Sirs, please consider these suggestions, may be you need these simple ideas.
1. Anounce an ambitious program of Government Investment at least while leaving office. After haveing squandered nearly 1 lakh 50 thousand crores on farm loan waiver, sixth pay commission, raising individual tax slabs, etc. You owe it to the country to do something constructive too.
2. Speed up the process of approving SEZs and pester promoters to hurry up on setting up these SEZs.
3. Please take interest to allot land for the NANO project. Here interest means applying mind and not extending HAND.
4. Speed up the process of UMPPs and allot them to sincere corporates who want to implement projects.
5. NHAI has been forgotten. Let them do their work of six laning the the golden quadrilateral and let them take a few more projects.
Reduce CRR further and persuade banks give loans to people who want to pay back and not to those who want a waiver.

Do this and I will come upwith some more prescriptions.

1 comment:

Anup Joshi--Mumbai said...

I agree to you in total. Instead of bringing in the pay commission or Farm loan waiver which are contributing to inflation, the govt should focus on developing infrastructure,which would help industries grow and provide for employment.